Impeachment: A Survival Game

In September, former Arizona senator Jeff Flake said of the President Trump’s impeachment inquiry that if the Senate held a private vote, at least 35 Republican senators would vote to remove Trump from office. Most observers derided Flake’s assertion as NeverTrump nonsense, but the idea of it made me recall the state of Capitol Hill […]

The Electability Myth

By this point in the presidential cycle, everyone who keeps up to date with the writings and opinions of political journalists have no doubt seen at least half a dozen articles about the perceived electability of all the 2020 Democratic frontrunners. Electability, as the media sees it, is based on the logic of the Median […]

Republicans’ Cloak and Dagger Electoral Plan

Amid the tumult of Donald Trump’s first year in office, Congressional Republicans quietly devised a method to enhance the party’s likelihood of victory in presidential elections long after Trump’s reign is over and his red-hot base cools off. This method involves a lesser-known aspect of the latest amendment to the tax code. The Tax Cuts […]

Want Gun Control? Let’s Get Rid of Primary Elections

When something tragic like a mass shooting occurs, people love to start placing blame wherever they can. Sometimes it’s because they passionately believe that they know what the root of the problem is. For most people, though, it’s just a matter of winning cheap political points. The post-shooting political punching bags include a vast array […]